Debt Collection

—    Unpaid professional services fees
—    Trade receivables
—    Collecting non-performing loans
—    Advising on large failed equity & debt deals (cross-border and national)
—    Settling senior executive compensation disputes

We develop a specifically tailored strategy for each debtor.

We aim for 90% repeat business and referrals.

We have the capabilities of a large debt collection agency whilst always giving personal service. We operate with the utmost integrity and confidentiality following all local rules and regulations.

Our collection techniques involve a high level of constant communication between our clients and their debtors. We follow a determined and pro-active path to get results.

We have come up with a number of very creative solutions for failed private equity or debt deals acting as arbitrators. We are perfectly placed to act as fresh neutral negotiators without the constraints of institutionalized thinking or emotional deadlock.

We represent CEOs, senior executives and management teams with claims for unpaid bonuses, share schemes and salaries with their employers (listed and private companies) and high net worth shareholders.

Our experienced team is also able to conduct in-depth best practice reviews for the entire invoicing process upon request. This covers the full range of revenue activities from client acceptance, work in progress, invoicing, to ultimate cash collection.